Interesting Facts About Bicycle


  • Bicycles are used for transport, recreation, competitive racing, courier delivery and a range of other tasks.

  • The more people cycle, the safer the roads seem to become. That’s not just true for cyclists—it’s true for all road users, even drivers confounded by the influx of bikes.
  • There have been lots of different types of bikes through history. The Boneshake & Penny Farthing all the way to BMX’s we have today.
  • The Tour de France was first held in 1903 and his since become the most famous cycling race in the world. Held over three weeks, the annually changing route goes through the Pyrenees and Alps before finishing in Paris.
  • Although unicycles (one wheel) and tricycles (three wheels) don’t have two wheels, they are sometimes still referred to as ‘bikes’.
  • Different brake types include rim brakes, internal hub brakes and disc brakes.
  • The energy required to cycle at low to medium speeds is roughly the same as the energy required to walk.
  • Before the word ‘bicycle’ become popular (coming from the French word ‘bicyclette’), bikes were typically called ‘velocipedes’.
  • Two wheeled transportation developed in the 1800s, from pushed powered bikes through to mechanical crank drives with pedals.
  • The Netherlands has more bike users than any other country with about 99% of the population owning and travelling by bike.

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