Interesting Facts About Chalk


  • Chalk is highly porous making it a natural storage tank for water.
  • Chalk is used to make cement and is used by gymnasts and other athletes to provide grip.
  • Chalk is used to write on chalkboards and mark tennis courts, cheaper substances are also in use now.
  • If you draw a line with chalk around some Ants, they won’t cross it. Calcium Carbonate in chalk will puncture their skin and kill them with dehydration.
  • Chalk is composed mostly of the mineral calcite and is made from the fossilized skeletons of microscopic marine plankton.
  • Chalk forms in marine environments with warm water and deep seas.
  • Chalk is found in northwest Europe and between the Rocky Mountains and Mississippi River in the United States.
  • Most of the world’s chalk deposits date from the Cretaceous Period, 144 – 65 million years ago.
  • Chalk is used to make quicklime and slaked lime, mainly used as lime mortar in buildings.
  • Toothpaste also commonly contains small amounts of chalk, to serve as a mild abrasive.

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