Interesting Facts About Wednesday


  • In German, Wednesday (Mittwoch) is the only day of the week not ending in ‘tag’ (day).

  • According to research by a tanning company, women look oldest at 3.30pm on Wednesdays.
  • Wednesday is named after Woden, the most important God in the German pantheon, often identified with the Norse God Odin.
  • Woden and Odin are also associated with the Roman god Mercury, which is why the French call Wednesday Mercredi and the Spanish Miercoles.
  • The Japanese for Wednesday translates as ‘Water day’ as the planet Mercury was known as the ‘water star’.
  • Charles Addams said he chose the name because “Wednesday’s child is full of woe”.
  • Sheffield Wednesday began as The Wednesday Cricket Club in 1820. The name came from the day of the week when they played their matches.
  • A recent survey in the US reported that bosses are most receptive to requests on a Wednesday.
  • The Wednesday before Easter is known as ‘Spy Wednesday’ referring to Judas’s betrayal of Jesus.
  • The daughter in the Addams Family is called Wednesday Addams.

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