Facts About Camels


  • The name comes from the Arabic ǧml meaning “beauty”.
  • Camels can drink up to 40 gallons of water in one go.
  • Camels lips are split to help them graze.
  • They can eat anything, including thorny twigs, without injuring their mouths.
  • They can lose 25% of their body fluids without getting dehydrated. Most mammals can only lose 15%.
  • Eating green plants gives them the moisture they need without drinking.
  • Their coats reflect sunlight and insulate them from the desert heat.
  • One of the camel’s defenses is spitting, where they essentially throw up a foul smelling greenish fluid from their stomach all over you if provoked. For those who have experienced it, it seems never ending and is never forgotten.
  • A camel’s kidney plays a part in helping the camel go for a long time without water, it concentrates the urine—some camel urine could be as thick as honey.
  • A camel has two toes and a pad on each foot. These leathery pads spread as the camel walks on the desert sand, making it easier to walk on soft sand without sinking.

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