Facts About Mangoes


  • Mangoes are the most popular fruit in the World.
  • Mangoes were first grown in India over 5,000 years ago.
  • Mango seeds traveled with humans from Asia to the Middle East, East Africa and South America beginning around 300 or 400 A.D.
  • The paisley pattern, developed in India, is based on the shape of a mango.
  • A one-cup serving of mangos is just 100 calories.
  • The mango is a symbol of love in India, and a basket of mangoes is considered a gesture of friendship.
  • Legend says that Buddha meditated under the cool shade of a mango tree.
  • Mangoes are related to cashews and pistachios.
  • A mango tree can grow as tall as 100 feet.
  • Mangoes provide 100% of your daily vitamin C, 35% of your daily vitamin A and 12% of your daily fiber.

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