Facts About Palm Tree

palm tree

  • Palms are known as the “Tree of the Bible”.
  • The leaves of the Palm are very large and are known as fronds. They are divided into two major groups: fan-shaped and feather-shaped.

  • Most Palms feature tall, cylindrical trunks that look very similar to a columns or pillars. In some types, the trunk includes hooked prickles, while others boast smooth trunks with very few markings.
  • Palm trees aren’t technically trees — they’re part of the grass family.
  • Coconut palms usually don’t thrive north of Sarasota/Bradenton, although I’ve heard reports of them as far north as St. Pete. But they don’t always last through the winter.
  • Coconuts are an obvious product of palm trees, but did you know that dates, betel nuts and acai fruit all come from palm trees as well. Palm oil, as its name indicates, also comes from the fruit of the oil palm tree.
  • The tallest palm tree can grow up to 197 feet tall. The Quindio wax palm (seen above), Colombia’s national tree, is the tallest-growing species of palm.
  • The coco de mer palm tree has the largest seeds of any plant on Earth. The seeds can be as large as 20 inches in diameter and as heavy as 66 pounds.
  • Coconut palm tree is one of the most extensively used trees in the world.
  • Palm tree flowers are small and insignificant. They range in color from yellowish-green to light green and typically feature six stamens, though some Palm tree types have blossoms with twice as many of the stick-like offshoots.

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