Facts About Parrots


  • Parrots have curved bills (beaks), strong legs and clawed feet.

  • Parrots can range in size from about 3.5 to 40 inches (8.7 to 100 centimeters) and weigh 2.25 to 56 ounces (64 g to 1.6 kg), on average.
  • The world’s heaviest type of parrot is the kakapo, which can weigh up to 9 lbs. (4 kg). The smallest parrot is the buff-faced pygmy parrot, which is only about 3 inches (8 cm) tall and weighs just 0.4 ounces (10 g).
  • Most wild parrots live in the warm areas of the Southern Hemisphere, though they can be found in many other regions of the world, such as northern Mexico. Australia, South America and Central America have the greatest diversity of parrot species.
  • Most parrots are social birds that live in groups called flocks. African grey parrots live in flocks with as many as 20 to 30 birds.
  • Parrots are popular pets because they are beautiful to look at, they have gorgeous bright plumage and they are very affectionate and sociable birds to keep in a home environment.
  • New Zealand is home to some very unique parrots including the kea, kaka and kakapo.
  • The first parrot was imported to the UK in 1504 although the Romans kept them way before this date.
  • The lightest parrot only weighs 0.4 oz and the heaviest can be up to 5 lbs.
  • The lifespan of parrots is around 80 years.

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