Interesting Facts About Cuckoo


  • The cuckoos are a family, Cuculidae, of near passerine birds, named for the Common Cuckoo of Europe.
  • The cuckoo bird has very soft feathers, their feathers become waterlogged during rain and prevent them from flying until they are dried out.
  • Cuckoos are birds of the medium size. They can reach 12.6 to 14.1 inches in length and weight up to 2.1 ounces.
  • Males and females can be distinguished by the color of their feathers. Upper parts of the males are bluish to gray, and their white bellies are intersected with dark lines. Some females may look like males, except that they have buff colored breast with dark lines.
  • The familiar “cuckoo” call is uttered only by male birds.
  • The cuckoo is renowned for being a social parasite, in that it does not build a nest for itself but uses those of other birds.
  • Female cuckoos usually lay fewer than 12 eggs in 12 different host nests each year.
  • Cuckoo eggs mimic those of their most common hosts. If the hosts notice the extra egg they will abandon the nest.
  • Cuckoo has long and pointed wings and long and thin beak. While flying, it resembles to hawk.
  • They enjoy warm places and usually migrate to a warmer climate in the winter months.Cuckoos are solitary birds and enjoy being alone. It is very rare to find a cuckoo bird group or pair of them.

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