Interesting Facts About Peacock


  • A peacock is a male peafowl, the Peahen is a female Peafowl belonging to the pheasant family of Birds. Peacocks have a crested head and a very large fan like tail marked with brilliant plumage adorned with iridescent eyes or spots.
  • The species in general or collectively are referred to as peafowl. Although most people call the species peacocks, the word really only refers to the male bird.
  • Peacocks (male peafowl) are noted for their display of their brilliant tall plumage which attract the attention of the female during courtship.
  • Only a peacock (male peafowl) has a colorful train.
  • The trains of peacocks can be arched into a beautiful fan of feathers which reach across its back and touches the ground on either side.
  • Peahens choose peacocks as mates according to the size, color, and quality of their trains.
  • Peacocks fly into trees to protect themselves from predators.
  • Peacocks are highly sociable and require companionship.
  • The collective name for a group of peahens is a Harem.
  • Peacocks generally have a harem of 2 – 5 females.

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