Interesting Facts About Sparrow


  • Sparrows are generally social birds, with many species breeding in loose colonies and most species occurring in flocks during the non-breeding season.
  • They live in nests, nests are located under roofs, bridges, in three hollows etc.
  • The sparrows are some of the few passerine birds that engage in dust bathing. Sparrows will first scratch a hole in the ground with their feet, then lie in it and fling dirt or sand over their bodies with flicks of their wings. They will also bathe in water, or in dry or melting snow.
  • The difference between a male and a female sparrow is that the former has a reddish back and a black bib, whereas the female has brown back with eye stripe.
  • Sparrows are generally not territorial, but they are quite aggressive when it comes to protecting their nest from intruders of the same sex.
  • Cats are major predators of juvenile house sparrows, killing large numbers of the inexperienced birds soon after they have left the nest.
  • When sparrows were at their most numerous a century ago, there were many sparrow clubs whose members competed to kill the most birds in a year.
  • Sparrows have been kept as pets at many times in history, even though they are not colourful and their songs are unremarkable.
  • They are also difficult to keep, as pet sparrows must be raised by hand as nestlings, when considerable supplies of insects are required to feed them.
  • Sparrows raise three nests of 3-5 eggs. Both male and female helps to incubate the eggs for 12-15 days. The fledglings usually fly out after 15 days.

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